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Promising sectors: technic, care and food
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in Rotterdam South


BRIDGE is strengthening young people from Rotterdam South’s position within the employment market by encouraging them to opt for a course in a promising sector: technology, healthcare, port or food.

There is a major mismatch between education and the demand from the employment market in Rotterdam South. There are still too many students who are opting for financial, administrative and legal courses after their pre-vocational education, which offer very limited employment opportunities. BRIDGE supports children and young people with making better career choices, which will lead to sustainable jobs in the port, healthcare, food and technology growth sectors.

Building the Right Investments for Delivering a Growing Economy, abbreviated to BRIDGE, is a three year programme set by partners in Rotterdam South and is financially supported by the European Fund for Urban Innovative Actions (UIA). The money received from Europe is used to help children from the South region to acquire a stronger position within the employment market.

BRIDGE, the bridge from school to work.


Various partners from different sectors have initiated, executed and monitored 20 interventions within different projects over a three year period.

BRIDGE’s starting point is a multi-annual, integrated, common and area-specific approach. Rotterdam is well known for creating vibrant and dynamic ecosystems for social innovation at street, district and city level. BRIDGE links into Rotterdam’s policies, social, ecological or economic, based on co-creation and co-production, where citizens, companies, knowledge and education institutes are directly involved with the (re)design of policies, services and projects.

Career start guarentees
Monitoring and impact measurement
Impact Investment Instruments
UIA Expert

Eddy Adams

“BRIDGE is a powerful example of joined up innovation. It seeks to break inter-generational cycles of deprivation in a long-term, systemic way. Rotterdam’s approach to this comprises several eye-catching components – including the Career Start Guarantee concept and the RIKX social coin pilot. However, the sum is more than the total of its parts, and BRIDGE represents a holistic, integrated innovation model that many other cities can learn from.”


BRIDGE has partly been made possible by a multi-year collaboration between various parties within different sectors in Rotterdam.

Involved parties include Hogeschool Rotterdam’s Social Innovation Expertise Centre (SIEC), the Rotterdam-The Hague Metropolitan area, Erasmus University (SEOR bv), the Rebel Group, the schools in Rotterdam South (from primary education through to vocational education), employers, providers of career orientation and guidance activities, the municipality of Rotterdam and the NPRZ programme agency. Rabobank Rotterdam was the first to purchase a BRIDGE share, making it the first company to embrace BRIDGE.


Creating a sustainable
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